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Samsung SSC-DUAL 80GB HDD DVR/VCR Combo Digital Video Recorder with VCR Back-up and Remote Access Capability

Samsung SSC-DUAL 80GB HDD DVR/VCR Combo Digital Video Recorder DVR with VCR Back-up and Remote Access Capability (OUT OF STOCK)

The Samsung SSC-DUAL (SSC-3000N) is a combo digital video recorder DVR/ VCR which allows you to record activity on your DVR and when necessary, transfer information from the DVR to the VCR without stopping the recording process of your security system. The Samsung SSC-DUAL DVR/ VCR combo is a handy tool when you need to review activity but do not want to stop recording what is going on on your business, also effective as a file-specific back-up. Connect your system to a LAN or internet and view your premises from anywhere in the world over the internet.

A new concept in recording devices, the SSC-DUAL is a digital video recorder with an automatic VCR backup function that safeguards the recording for added convenience and retrieval options.


  • Motion JPEG Compression
  • Record video and audio simultaneously
  • Up to 60 FPS recording capability for an ultra sharp image.
  • Data copy function (VCR to DVR)
  • Archive to VCR and removable HDD
  • Multiplexer recording function- Data pick up available by channel
  • Date/time search, Alarm & recording event search Motion detection
  • Camera remote function (PTZ)
  • 4 Head normal VCR function
  • Full function remote control.
  • Easy integration with additional devices such as multiplexers, high speed dome PTZ cameras and more.
  • 80GB Hard Drive included (160GB Max)

    VCR Backup function: Picture Quality Selection and Storage Capacity Backup Function

    Interlocked with the multiplexer, it can replay video images in any channel that user desires. In addition, it can back up video images to VCR tape. Particularly when archiving video images in VCR tape, it records them by channel. Therefore, they can be reviewed with a home VHS VCR allowing you to retrieve and review images without the need for additional devices. In addition, the the desired images can be easily searched by channel and event by means of the VISS retrieval function of the VCR.

    The quality of the recorded images can be adjusted to four levels to suit your need and storage capabilities:

  • "Very High" (34Kbyte/Sec)-Best image quality
  • "High" (28 K byte/sec)
  • "Standard" (20Kbyte/sec)
  • "Low" 15Kbyte/sec)

    Back up function

  • Removable 80 GB Hard Drive
  • Back up to VCR via VHS tape
  • Data back to PC through LAN using remote viewer (You can access and back up data through remote connection)


  • User's Manual
  • Power Cord
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card

    Condition : Factory Reconditioned

    SSC-DualRegular price: $399.99Sale price: $299.99















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