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ORBITREK ELITE Elliptical Exercise Trainer Fitness Machine New Model from Thane As Seen On TV at $249.99 (Out of Stock)

Introducing the NEW ORBITREK ELITE for only $175.00!

ORBITREK ELITE Elliptical Exercise Trainer Fitness Machine New Model from Thane As Seen On TV at $249.99

Orbitrek Elite Exercise Trainer Fitness Machine. The Orbitrek Elite training machine is a new product from Orbitrek. The last older model is the Orbitrek Platinum. There are several improvements in the new Elite Model.

Orbitrek Elite is the perfect non-impact total body workout for all age groups and all fitness levels.

Orbitrek Elite combines waist slimming cardio with the power of resistance training all in one revolutionary machine, so you get an awesome muscle sculpting and calorie burning workout at the same time!

It's compact size is ideal for even the smallest house or apartment and the EASY GLIDE WHEELS make it simple to roll just about anywhere.

The Orbitrek Elite still features a total body workout with no impact and best of all improvement is in the "turn and resistance". This new feature allows you to crank up the resistance all the way to burn up to 820 calories per hour. Your workout benefits have just been doubled. The Orbitrek Elite is more compact than the Original Orbitrek, it takes up less room, features larger pedals and is virtually silent.

This is one piece of fitness equipment you'll be proud to have in your home! And with Orbitrek Elites whisper quiet technology you can even have fun watching TV while you get an amazing workout!


  • 1 x Orbitrek Elite Exercise Unit
  • 1 x Orbitrek Elite English Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Orbitrek Elite 12-day Super Slim Down Plan
  • 1 x 6 weeks new you Food Guide
  • 1 x Mindy's Turn N Burn DVD English
  • Total Body Express 20 minutes
  • Total Body Scupting & Cardio 60 minutes
  • Fat Blasting Cardio 30 minutes
















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